Dugort, Achill

For Sale: Gray’s Guesthouse, Dugort, Achill

Accommodation Ground Floor Level:

Front Porch

Reception Area

Residents Lounge

Sun Lounge

Dining Room

Dining Reception Area

1.84m  x  1.11m; tiled floor

4.52m  x  3.13m; carpet floor, reception desk

7.77m  x  4.65m; carpet floor

5.32m  x  3.13m; carpet floor

8.60m  x  4.53m; timber floor, 40 x seats

7.80m  x  3.44m; timber floor, open fireplace


Kitchen 1

4.86m  x  3.74m; tiled floor to ceiling, fully equipped

Kitchen 2

5.99m  x  3.17m; floor to ceiling, fully equipped

Kitchen 3

5.27m  x  3.02m; tiled floor to ceiling, cold room

Food Prep Area

4.25m  x  5.00m; tiled floor to ceiling

Pantry 1

Pantry 2

Staff Room

Staff Toilet

Airing Room


Store Room




Communications Room

1.20m  x  1.21m; tiled

2.40m  x  0.82m; tiled

3.84m  x  1.66m; tiled

0.81m  x  1.37m; tiled

1.35m  x  1.73m; tiled, Myson Oil Burner

2.03m  x  1.01m; carpet

3.36m  x  2.07m; carpet

2.03m  x  0.77m; carpet

2.11m  x  1.36m; tiled floor to ceiling

3.11m  x  1.78m; carpet  floor covering, fully equipped

1.35m  x  1.11m; carpet floor covering

Accommodation First Floor Level:


Turner Suite

Gold Room

Blue Room

Two Tone Room



Green Room

Pink Room


19.37m x 0.93m; carpet floor covering

3.39m  x 2.55m; carpet
2.68m x 2m; tiled floor to ceiling.

3.85m  x  3.61m; carpet
1.51m x 1.42m; tiled

3.78m  x  3.57m; carpet
0.90m x 1.85m; tiled.

3.02m  x  3.47m; carpet
0.83m x 0.71m; carpet

3.44m  x 3.50m; carpet
2.30m x 1.81m; tiled

1.17m x 1.17m; lino floor covering

3.28m  x  3.48m; carpet
1.72m x 1.88m; lino floor, half wall tiled

3.31m  x  3.39m; carpet
1.81m x 1.64m; tiled floor, half wall tiled

1.25m   x  0.98m; tiled floor to ceiling

Price and further details from Achill Island Auctioneers


Achill Sound

For Sale: 12 Barr Na Farraige, Achill Sound, Co. Mayo

Accommodation Details Ground Floor:

Entrance Hall: tiled floor, storage press
3.00m x 1.50m

Kitchen: fully fitted
4.44m x 3.57m

Living Room: raised open fireplace, timber floor
3.41m x 5.35m

Bedroom 1: timber floor
3.00m x 2.82m

Bedroom 2: timber floor
3.76m x 3.30m

Bathroom/Toilet: floor tiled, half wall tiled
2.70m x 2.07m

Accommodation Details First Floor:

Bedroom 3: timber floor
3.34m x 7.19m

En-suite: tiled
2.50m x 2.00m

Price Details from Auctioneer



For Sale: “Villa Flora”, The Colony, Dugort, Achill, Co. Mayo

Accommodation Ground Floor Comprises:

Kitchen: tiled floor
3.25m x 2.76m

Living/Dining Area: timber floor
3.37m x 6.43m

Bedroom 1: carpet floor covering
4.03m x 2.89m

2.42m x 0.83m

Accommodation First Floor Comprises:

Landing: carpet floor covering
2.31m x 1.61m

Bedroom 2: carpet floor covering
3.41m x 2.66m

Bedroom 3: carpet floor covering
3.75m x 3.41m

Bathroom/Toilet: carpet floor covering, tiled walls
1.64m x 2.45m

0.77m x 0.59m

Price: €130,000 Open to Offers



For Sale: Traditional Cottage, Lands, Share of Commonage and Turbary Rights at Shraheens, Achill Sound, Co. Mayo

Accommodation Comprises:

Living Room: timber floor, open fireplace
3.21m  x  4.21m

Kitchen/Dining Area: timber floor
1.96m  x  2.35m and 3.50m x 2.53m

Bedroom1: timber floor
4.08m  x  3.43m

Bedroom 2: timber floor
3.16m  x  2.46m

Bedroom 3: timber floor
3.50m x 2.43m

Bathroom/Toilet: tiled floor to ceiling
1.93m x 1.86m

Hallway: tiled floor
4.52m x 0.88m

Front porch: tiled floor
1.38m x 2.19m

Price Details from Auctioneer



For Sale: Traditional island cottage and adjoining sheds at Dugort East

Accommodation Consists Of:

Front Porch: concrete floor
1.92m x 2.06m

Kitchen: concrete floor
4.69m x 3.19m

Living Room: concrete floor, open fireplace
4.35m x 4.05m

Rear Entrance Area : concrete floor
2.20m x 0.98m

Toilet/Shower: concrete floor, walls half tiled
2.07m x 2.18m

Bedroom 1: concrete floor
3.74m x 3.89m

Bedroom 2: concrete floor
1.74m x 4.42m

Price Details from Auctioneer


Ashleam, Achill Island

For Sale: Traditional Island cottage in need of urgent TLC on c. 0.11 hectare site at Ashleam, Achill, Co. Mayo

Price: €35,000


Achill Sound

For Sale: 23 Barr na Farraige, Achill Sound

Accommodation Ground Floor Comprises:

Kitchen: tiled floor and fitted units
3.62m x 3.93m

Living Room: timber floor and open fireplace
3.45m x 5.01m

Bathroom/toilet: tiled floor, half walls tiled
2.07m x 2.07m

Conservatory: tiled floor and vaulted ceiling
4.31m x4.00m

Bedroom 1: timber floor
2.93m x 2.79m

Toilet: timber floor
0.93m x 1.62m

Bedroom 2: timber floor
3.28m x 3.90m

Accommodation First Floor Comprises:

Bedroom 3: timber floor
2.55m x 3.45m

Bedroom 4: timber floor
2.81m x 2.19m

Bathroom/Toilet/ Shower: tiled floor and walls half tiled
2.07m x 2.14m

Price Details and Viewings from Auctioneer


Sraheens, Achill

For Sale: Sraheens, Achill Sound, Co. Mayo F28 HE64

Accommodation Comprises:

Reception Hall: tiled floor
1.59m x 2.86m

Sitting Room: carpet floor covering, open fireplace
4.15m x 8.34m

Kitchen:tiled floor to ceiling, fitted units
3.66m x 3.32m

Hallway 1: tiled floor
9.37m  x  0.95m

Toilet/Shower: tiled floor to ceiling
2.54m  x  1.19m

Bedroom 1: carpet floor covering, fitted units
3.03m x 2.73m

Bedroom 2: carpet floor covering, fitted units
3.33m x 2.72m

Bedroom 3: carpet floor covering, fitted units
3.82m  x  3.34m

Bedroom 4: carpet floor covering, fitted units
3.80m  x  2.81m

Bathroom/Toilet: tiled floor to ceiling
3.62m  x  1.50m

Hot-press: carpet floor covering, shelved
0.80m  x  0.93m

Store area 1: carpet floor covering
0.69m  x  1.19m

Store  area 2: carpet floor covering, shelved
0.80m  x  1.23m

Detached Garage: concrete floor, pitched tiled roof
9.00m  x  6.6m

Price Details from Auctioneer


Keel, Achill

For Sale: Slievemore Road, Keel, Achill, Co. Mayo


Ground Floor:


Kitchen/dining area:
4.98m  x  3.77m


Living Room: 
5.04m  x  3.58m; open  fireplace.



First Floor:

Bedroom 1:
3.14m  x  3.24m

Bedroom 2:
2.19m  x  2.59m

Bedroom 3:
3.14m  x  2.18m

Bedroom 4:
2.74m  x  3.20m

3.27m  x  1.70m

Landing  area:
2.63m  x  1.24m

Price: €130,000


Dugort, Achill

For Sale: Two Houses at The Golden Strand, Dugort, Achill, Co. Mayo

Accommodation comprises:

Entrance  Area:
1.80m  x   1.57m; timber  floor.

Living  Room:
3.79m x  3.48m; timber floor, open fireplace.

Kitchen/Dining  area:
5.91m  x  4.74 m; timber floor, modern fully fitted kitchen.

Utility  room:
2.10m  x  2.57m; tiled  floor.

1.93m  x  1.08m, timber  floor

1.93m  x  1.33m, tiled  floor


Bedroom 1:
3.10m  x  3.79m; timber  floor.

1.71m  x  2.oom; tiled  floor  to  ceiling.

Bedroom 2:
3.29m  x  3.53m; timber  floor.

Bedroom 3:
3.29m  x  2.97m; timber  floor.

2.34m  x  1.65m; tiled  floor  to  ceiling.

1.07m  x  3.56m; timber  floor.

Price Details from Auctioneer


Dugort, Achill

For Sale: Dugort, Achill, Co. Mayo

Price: Details from Achill Island Auctioneers, viewing by appointment


Inishbiggle Island

For Sale: on Inishbiggle Island

Price Details: all properties open to offers

COTTAGE & LANDS ON PLAN 20, FOLIO NO. 1796F: €50,000
LAND PLAN 20A: €6,000


Silver Strand, Dugort, Achill

For Sale: at No. 1 Silver Strand, Dugort, Achill

Price Details: from Auctioneer


Askill, Achill

For Sale: at Askill, Achill, Co. Mayo

Price Details: Priced to Sell



For Sale: No. 9 Club Apartments, Keel, Achill, Co. Mayo

Price Details: at €90,000

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